Christmas Reflections: The Best Gifts aren’t Under the Tree

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Just two Christmases ago…

It was a really stressful time for us. Adam and I had to count, save and hoard all his vacation days just so we would have a week off at Christmas. He was working as a chemical engineer and had a great job!! but they were really strict about their vacation days and it just made everything hard to work around.

On top of that stress, all the extra costs associated with Christmas (even without going overboard with the gifts!)… it all quickly added up.

Our family was 1,000 miles away & we only saw them 2x a year – and just being that far away was really tough. We always were making sure we saved enough money to travel back to Louisiana to see family. Because we were that far away it would take two days to get there, hotel rooms and gas weren’t cheap.



Thankfully a lot can change in 2 years…


Last year, Adam was able to quit his job and we both work full time at home with It Works!! What a blessing in itself that has been. Earlier this year, my nephew suddenly passed away. It was a huge shock to our whole family – and during that time we were able to drop everything and go to my sister’s side and be with our whole family for two weeks during that difficult time.

Because of the freedom that our business gives us (freedom to travel and freedom of time), we decided that family was really one of the most important things in our life. Adam’s job had moved us to Virginia, but now we didn’t have that to worry about any more. This summer, we moved closer to family and it has been one of the best gifts ever!! I love being able to be close enough to visit over a long weekend and see everyone more than just 2 times a year.

I never thought I wanted to own my own business…. Until I really understood what owning your own time could really mean.


I know it is Christmas… and you aren’t really thinking about starting a business (I totally get it!!)

However, I know as I have grown older, I have realized the best gifts are the ones that don’t fit under the tree:

  • Time with your family & friends
  • Experiencing new places
  • Loving what you do
  • Impacting others around you
  • Giving back
  • Freedom to say YES!

If those are things on your Christmas list… or maybe on your New Years Goals – Don’t miss your change to start something that could change every year from now on : ) As someone who kept waiting for the “perfect” time… I just realized that you have to take this moment and make it perfect.


As always,



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