Can you be Successful as an Introvert in Network Marketing?

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Three years ago… when I first started *thinking* about ways to make some extra money at home… my husband pretty much flat out told me that I wouldn’t be successful because I was an introvert.

I don’t like parties (you will find me most Friday nights in my pj’s, drinking a cup of coffee, and watching a great movie)

I don’t like talking on the phone (I would much rather text to schedule my own hair appointment, haha)

I didn’t have a lot of friends local to me (We had just moved 1,000 miles away from our friends and family)


With all these against me (or at least I thought they were!) I learned that I actually could be successful even as a introvert – and it may actually give me an advantage… go figure!!


So if you have ever thought the same things that I did, watch my video to learn why you can be successful as an introvert:



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