How to Discover your Gift

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One of my favorite parts of my business is getting to coach people and help them develop their gifts.

What is your gift and how to you discover it??

Your gift is usually the thing that comes most natural to you (you don’t even realize that other people struggle with it!) Sometimes the best way to figure out what your gift is… is to ask someone who is close to you “What is something I’m really good at?”

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When I started my business.. I really didn’t have a clue what my gift was or even had a place to develop and grow it. That’s one thing that I love about owning your own business is that it forces you to stretch yourself and develop like no other thing can.

P.S. One place to start is to learn about the different personality colors and their strengths (I’ll talk more on that later!) To start, take this quiz  After you take it, Let me know what your primary and secondary colors are!! I would love to know more about you : )

If you already know your gift, Leave me a comment of how you are using it or growing it right now:

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