Interview: Essential Oils for Newbies

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About 10 years ago, I did an overhaul of my whole life!

I was having some health issues going on… and the doctors really couldn’t tell me why!


So I started reading a lot about natural health and ways to get rid of some chemicals or toxins in my daily life… and one discovery I found was essential oils!


I made some simple DIY recipes and was able to replace so many thing in my house with the natural resources.


I had the privilege to interview one of my favorite chiropractors and mom friends, Dr.Shauna and I’m thrilled that I can share that here with you!

She shared her favorite uses for Essential Oils and how you can get started using them today:


What is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils have been used for over 5,000 years!! These oils are extracted directly from the plant, bark, fruit, flower, leaf, seed, or root!

There are two main ways that we are able to extract the essential oils:

Steam Distillation 

Cold Pressed 

What do you look for in an Essential Oil?

For me, I always want to buy 100% Pure essential oils. This means there are no fillers or chemicals. I also want to buy oils that aren’t synthetic (made in a lab).

Here is a quick checklist:


Favorite Uses for Essential Oils

I use essential oils all over my house with so many DIY recipes!

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