Rise up to the Opportunity

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Yesterday at church, a message was shared about Rising Up… and it got me thinking about all the opportunities in our lives that God has called us to stretch ourselves so that His mission can be completed.

In my video, I talk about our personal seasons where God has called us from being comfortable to uncomfortable. I’ve learned that God calls us to go, move, rise… He doesn’t want us to settle.

I feel like all of us are called to do something that can make an impact. He gives us opportunities where we can have more influence over the people around us for good!

But many of us questions God’s calling at first…

Maybe because of fear?? or Maybe because we are busy?? or Maybe because we don’t feel qualified??

God shows us in the bible over and over that He doesn’t call the qualified… He qualifies the called. I hope this message speaks to you too:

Watch: Rise up to the Opportunity Video

What opportunities is God placing in your life where you can rise up?

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