Four Tips to Celebrate Memorial Day without Gaining Weight

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Summer is for sun, fun, and parties.

Memorial Day is full of all three!! But usually parties means lots and lots of unhealthy choices. We love to eat these splurges, but we know they aren’t very good for our weight loss goals…


How can we enjoy the parties without the guilt??

I have been talking to so many women who are really working hard to get in shape this year. They have HUGE goals like losing 20 pounds or more.

Most of them know that to reach these goals, they are going to need a plan of how to stay on track. With all the parties they are being invited to, how can they make healthy choices?


Watch this video to hear four tips to help you get through Memorial Day without Gaining Weight:


VIDEO: How to Celebrate Memorial Day without the Guilt


How to Enjoy your Memorial Day Parties without the Guilt

1) Don’t forget to stay Hydrated!!

2) Fill your plate with veggies (Grilled veggies or Salads)

3) Limit the carbs (bread and sweets)

4) Pick fruit  for dessert

5) Don’t stress, it is just one weekend!




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