How to Grow Healthy Hair after Postpartum Hair Loss

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Are you ready to grow out your hair after postpartum hair loss??

This was me!

After I had my second baby, I ended up losing a lot of hair, and it made me SO self conscious.

I actually had two different periods of hair loss after my second baby was born… and it was getting THIN!

What could I do???

I just wanted longer and thicker hair again… I decided to take the challenge and loved my results!!

How to Grow Longer, Healthier Hair after Postpartum Hair Loss

What causes Postpartum Hair Loss?

Did you know that when you are pregnant, the rate you lose your hair naturally slows down. So when you have your baby, you normally have thicker hair than normal – but all great things don’t last, right??

When our hormones start changing after we have our babies, we start losing all that hair that we were holding onto. Usually around 4-6 months postpartum.

For me, I had two hair loss periods: 6 months and when I weaned around one year.

I thought I was going to go bald!!! I knew I needed something to help me grow back my hair and work quickly too!

After talking to some other moms who were just like me, and they told me about this Challenge – to grow my hair healthier, thicker, and longer too!

I started the 90 Day Hair Challenge!

I took the challenge. Plus, It was super easy too!!

I just took two wholefood tablets each day for three months. These supplements are specifically designed to help nourish my hair, skin and nails.

What made them different from just any other supplement you could get at the store???

First, they are wholefood which meant that they are not made in a lab (not synthetic) but actually made from real foods. That also means that your body actually knows how to use it and you get amazing results. Plus, the herbs and vitamins in the formulation are specifically chosen for getting you quick results.

Healthy hair from the inside. That was it – and it worked!

See our Challengers Results: 

Are you ready to take the challenge with me?

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You may be thinking…

What is required to get the discounted price??

I like to call it a 90 Day Challenge! Take the next three months and try at least one product a month. This gets you the BEST results and price! You can change your order month to month, and ALWAYS enjoy the 40% off savings for LIFE!

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Can I change my order if I want to try something else after my first month?

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