[Success Tip] How to celebrate Progress over Perfection

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I really love goals… and I love reaching goals!!

But sometime when we miss a goal… or we struggle.. we start to think that we are a failure.

Thankfully, that is FAR from the truth!!

Did you know that there is always going to be a Struggle to be Successful? 

Let’s talk about weight loss.

You may set a goal to lose weight… but to actually reach your goal, you are going to have to change your daily habits.

Instead of focusing on what you will have to LOSE in order to see weight loss… what about focusing on the daily habits you are going to be ADDING. 

PRO TIP: Focus on one new habit to ADD to your day every week! After a year, you will have added in 52 NEW Healthy Habits!!

Watch my video to learn MORE tips to be successful in reaching your goals: Progress over Perfection!

PRO TIP: Use a calendar! Every day that you complete your new daily habit, put a check mark in that box for the day. Drink Enough Water? Check mark! Then you can look at your calendar and see HOW much Progress you are making!

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