Top FOUR Items You MUST Pack on Your Summer Vacation

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I can’t believe it is already July! We are planning a road trip at the end of this month to the beach and then to a cabin in the mountains… with packing always comes packing list (or maybe that’s just me!)

I’m going to share my MUST HAVE list for your summer vacation to help you stay healthy all summer long and have the best vacation ever : )



I don’t know about you, but there is something about travelling that brings out the STRESS…

The kids fighting in the back of the van… or the crazy drivers… or long lines in the airport.

We need some natural Happy Pills to help you enjoy your vacation and not feel stressed out the whole time. Right?



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Fat Fighters

Did you know there is a way to naturally block extra carbs and fats from your favorite cheat meals – and without side effects???

No joke. Your vacation needs this!

I have been using Fat Fighters for the past 3 years anytime I go out for date night or on vacation – and they work! Using white bean and cactus extract, they bind to the fat and extra carbs so you don’t have to worry about anything sticking around on your hips.


Video: How Fat Fighters Work



It Works Fat Fighters Results

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Your Must Have Vacation Skincare


Before I go on vacation (especially if I’m going to the beach), I start using our Body Wraps to help tighten and tone my skin. What is great is you can use them anywhere from your chin to your toes! For this vacation, I’m focusing on my stomach and my legs (these work great for cellulite!).


Watch How to Wrap yourself at Home



Plus, Defining Gel is great to use to soothe a burn after too much sun.

I also use Defining Gel twice a day between wraps to enhance my results and focus on any areas I’m not wrapping. Check out our Body Wraps and Defining Gel Here.



I hope you have a wonderful summer vacation and I can’t wait to hear about your adventures!! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook so you can see where I share my daily adventures too.



P.S. There is one more favorite product that you MUST have in your suitcase this summer (and in your bathroom the rest of the year) You may not be using this yet, so don’t miss this must have item. Click to see what it is. 

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