5 Things To Do TODAY for Younger Looking Skin

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I know, I know… I should have listened to my grandmother when she told me to start taking care of my skin at 13…

But here I am at 32, haha. I’m late the the party.

I didn’t really start taking care of my skin… and then I turned 30 and I realized I was starting to look OLD O.o


So here are FIVE things I have learned in the past two years that helps me Turn Back the Clock and Look Younger!


1. Moisturize

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize! The leading cause of wrinkles is DRY SKIN! (Did you know that?? I didn’t!) So prevention is super easy… just start using a great day and night cream to prevent your skin from drying out (especially if you live in an area with dry winters). One a week deep hydrating Facials is always a good way to prevent and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


2. Dump the Soap

That’s right. I said Stop Using SOAP! Soap isn’t great for your skin (Didn’t know that either!) Soap is SUPER drying – and what did we just learn??? Dry skin leads to wrinkles.

How do we clean our skin then?? Use a soap free cleanser! The one I use actually uses botanicals and herbs instead of soap to clean your skin (and it actually nourishes it in the process too – Win Win!)


3. Take it all Off

Bow Chicka Bow Wow… No really – Take it all off your SKIN!

You know all those dead skin cells, clogging dirt and oils, make up residue… Twice a week you should be using a gentle exfoliating peel to take it all off and reveal the new skin underneath. This process will give you back your GLOW – Plus, your skin will be oh so soft too. (Promise you! I didn’t believe how much this helped until I tried)


4. Tone Down your skin with Toner

Fighting redness? Want smaller looking pores? You need Toner (Again, never used one before… didn’t know what I was missing!) I was told by a 5th generation herbalist that the number one product he would choose for your skin is a toner – (Really, it is THAT important). My favorite toner is a spray that is super refreshing and I just love how it makes my skin feel clean too.


 5. Wipe Away Wrinkles

Did you know you could start tightening wrinkles that were already popping up? Seriously – in minutes you can see a huge difference! So if you are like me and late to the game – This is my way to instantly turn back the clock. Plus, I use this product as my primer (what smooths out your skin before you put on your makeup). So you can look flawless in seconds!

Puffy eyes? No problem!

This mama started running daily on little sleep in 2010 and it really hasn’t gotten any better, haha. So finding a product that helps you look like you got 8 hours of sleep is a life-saver!


Watch How To Do an At Home Facial in 45 minutes:



I hope that you find a few minutes to treat yourself and your skin this week : ) Really you CAN start seeing a Huge difference with just simple changes in your daily routine. I know I have!



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