When your Enemies are Yelling, God is Whispering

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I have been reading through Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick – It is all about hearing God’s voice above all others.

I think that it is such a powerful message to understand… because so often the thoughts in our head are not voices we need to listen to.


This is the second video of our “Video Book Club” where I cover the second section of the book: All about Fear!


Watch the video now:


I loved reading through the story of Elijah – a famous prophet in the Old Testament.

He had just called fire down from heaven… but just after that his enemy (Jezebel) sent out a message that she was going to have Elijah killed.


Out of fear – Elijah runs in the opposite direction from where he was called to be…

He let fear get in the way of hearing God’s voice.


Elijah runs to the mountains and is found hiding in a cave.


God calls Elijah out of the cave…

Then there is a great wind, earthquake, and fire… but the Lord wasn’t in any of those…


God spoke in a whisper. 


Why did God use a whisper to speak to Elijah??


We don’t really know… but think about how close God had to be to use a whisper.


God is Close. 


Your enemies are yelling and being loud because they are far away!! But God can speak to you in a whisper because He is right next to you.


He never left you. 


“If God is for us, Who can be against us?” Romans 8:31


When you are facing fears in your life… remember that your God is so close He can whisper and His promises are always the same.



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