How to Make Instant Keto Coffee

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How to Make Instant Keto Coffee
How to Make Instant Keto Coffee

Your mornings just got even better…


AKA: How this cup of coffee turned this Mommy Zombie into a functioning human again, haha.




Think about this… You are a mom. When was the last time you said – I have so much energy I think I’ll fold an EXTRA load of laundry today! – Never, right?


Okay, so Imagine that kind of energy – From your Morning Coffee…. but without any jitters – just pure energy and focus.


Now, we are talking!! 


“What makes this coffee so special” you ask?


First – It is instant! That means no extra brain-power required (Remember I’m a mommy zombie in the mornings)

Second – It is packed with Fuel for your brain and your body (Grassfed Butter and MCT oils)

ThirdCollagen to give your hair, skin and nails some extra natural beauty – plus Collagen is great for healthy joints (Hello, This is 30)





How does it work?

The beauty of this Instant Keto Coffee is that is takes less than a minute to mix up… no measuring required! Because when you are a mommy zombie – thinking isn’t an option, lol.


So literately – Open packet, mix in water, (add stevia if you like a sweeter coffee) and DONE!

You can enjoy this Hot or COLD – which is HUGE!


I can tell you that if I drink a regular cup of coffee on an empty stomach… I get the jitters. I also need to eat because regular coffee has no fuel in it – so I’ll be starving in just a few minutes.


After drinking Keto Coffee, I had ZERO jitters… and I stayed full past lunch! – This is magic!


Plus, watch how simple it is! You are going to love this!


How to Make Instant Keto Coffee



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