DIY Ring Light

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But if no one can see you – what is the point, right? 


In Steps in the DIY Ring Light 

– Go from Dark & Blah to Bright & Fabulous 
– Less than $30 to make 
– Show up and Actually Be Seen 


Lighting is Important

When I first got interested in photography and videos… the very first lesson that we covered was lighting.

Lighting is important!   


Not just so people can see you, but also it is good to show up as best as you can – good lighting goes a long way. 


But most Ring Lights are anywhere from $100-$200 – ouch! 


I knew that wasn’t really going to work… so I decided to figure out a way to make my own – a DIY Ring Light! 


Without DIY Ring Light

As you can see… Lots of shadows  – This is with semi okay lighting in the room from the sun. (Poor lighting makes me sad)


With DIY Ring Light

You can see my full face is lit well without weird shadows. This is UNEDITED! Just using the DIY Ring Light to light my face from every direction. I know you can see the benefits of using a ring light for your pictures and for videos too!


Choosing the Right Light

I want as close to natural lighting as possible. If you are just starting out making videos – the cheapest thing to do is record in front of a window… but when you are doing demos and such – it just isn’t always an option.

The Rope Lighting that we chose is LED – which is low energy usage plus it won’t get hot either!

Plus, the rope lights make it easy the bend to form the shape of the wire wreath (making a ring!)


How to make a DIY Ring Light


Supplies Needed

18 inch wire wreath

Cardboard cut out in the shape of the wreath


About 30 feet of LED Rope Lights (Look for Daylight)

Zip Ties


1 – Uncoil your rope lights

2 – Using the zip ties, fasten the rope light to the wire wreath (we started on the outside going in a circle until the end of the rope light)

3 – Wrap your cardboard in foil

4 – Attach your wreath to the cardboard using 4 remaining zip ties


Back View of Ring Light


Front View of Ring Light


(You can Trim the zip ties after they are on – I wanted to easily show you how I attached everything to the wire wreath.)


Are you ready to show up and be seen?


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