Three Ways to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain Without Giving Up your Favorite foods

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I can’t believe we are already half-way through October! 

But there is something scarier than just ghost, goblins and spider webs…


The Holiday Weight Gain (Screams in Terror!!!)


Did you know the average American gains 10 pounds from Halloween through New Years?!?


That is something to be SCARED about, Yo!


So today I’m tackling the dreaded Holiday 10 pounder and it isn’t that yummy Thanksgiving Turkey you are already dreaming about…



Three Ways To Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain – without Giving up Your Favorite Foods


1 – Get a Rein on your Sugar Intake!

Grab those Reindeer shaped Sugar Cookies by the reins and steer them away from your mouth!

Did you know that increased sugar is one reason why we get sick more often in the winter months?

That’s some huge motivation for me! I certainly don’t want to be the sneezing in the back of the Christmas church service… “Si-lent Night (ACHOO)!”


Need help breaking the Sugar Cravings? Here is a blog with Four tips to help cut the sugar.

For more Low-carb and sugar free recipes, Check out my Pinterest Boards!


2 – Allow Yourself a Cheat – Then RESET!

We would be kidding ourselves if we thought we could go through the holiday season without giving in or splurging every once in a while. Embrace the season! 

Just do it in moderation…

I know aunt Kay has her famous pie that she only makes one time a year… grab a small slice and enjoy every bite!


Mom’s famous cinnamon rolls that she makes while everyone gathers in the kitchen – split one with your hubby!


Pick ONE holiday tradition/food that means so much to you each week – Focus on making the memories, not indulging just to indulge. 

If you only splurge once a week, it won’t get out of control and you can get back on track as soon as your next meal rolls around.


When you do have a splurge, just remember that you can block some of the extra carbs and fats in your meal – so you can enjoy the seasonal foods without the guilt. Click Here to Learn How


3 – Love Your Guts

When I started researching and reading about nutrition, getting healthy from the inside, and weight loss too – the first step was always take a high quality Probiotic.


I realized that I was eating healthy foods… but I wasn’t absorbing the nutrients because my gut was off balance.

This led me to be vitamin deficient and dealing with horrible cravings (a sign that your body is missing key nutrients).


But there was something that I could do DAILY that fixed that problem! 


Your digestive system is filled with good and bad bacteria, competing with each other and throwing off your microflora balance. You need that balance right so your good bacteria can fend off the immunity-challenging pathogens you encounter every day in the air you breathe, the water you drink, and even the food you eat!

I recommend using a Probiotic that also contains a Prebiotic that strengthen your whole digestive system with targeted support for your small AND large intestines. As the Probiotics replenish and rebalance throughout your whole digestive system, they need the food to fuel their fight!

That’s why it is important to take a Probiotic that also has a Prebiotic (food for the probiotic). Plus, look for one that has at least five unique strains and 10 billion live cultures.

A high quality Probiotic works to replenish good bacteria throughout your small and large intestines to counterbalance bad bacteria, restoring your system’s optimal microflora balance, lowering pH levels, and supporting your body’s immunity — 70% of which is right in your digestive tract!

I know personally, a healthy gut is also good for proper absorption of nutrients. This was something I was missing for years before I realized how important it was for my over all health!



I hope these tips showed you that YOU CAN avoid the holiday weight gain! There are simple ways to stay on track and not gain the average 10 pounds this season.


Are you ready to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain with me?




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