The Holiday No Gain Guide

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The holiday season is here!

It starts in October and goes through New Years… but all this celebrating may lead to the dreaded holiday weight gain O.o

On average, Americans gain 10 pounds from Halloween to New Years, but this doesn’t have to happen to you!

Three Ways to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain without Giving Up your Favorite Foods

What if you had a plan? A daily action plan to keep you on track all season long so you could just avoid the holiday weight gain altogether? Wouldn’t that be awesome!

You are going to walk into your New Year’s Party in your favorite little back dress… and not have to worry about setting a New Year’s Resolution weight loss goal. You’ll be ahead of everyone else and feeling great too!

 The Holiday No Gain Guide

Start Your Day With Keto Coffee

This is going to keep your sugar cravings at bay by filling your body with healthy fats and protein to keep you going all day without the crash. (Plus, it tastes like a yummy latte so you will just be sipping your way to a healthier you)

Love Your Guts

Going into the winter months means more colds and flus… the best way to fight a cold is PREVENTION! Our gut is the foundation of our immune system, so the best way to prevent a cold is to take a daily probiotic. This always makes sure you are digesting your food and getting all the nutrients you need too.

Boost Your Metabolism

What if you could boost your metabolism and burn an extra 300 calories a day just by taking two wholefood tablets? Sounds amazing, right? A lot of us stop moving as much as the months get colder unless we are running inside from the cold. A great way to keep your metabolism burning hot all winter long is using a thermogenic supplement.

Curb Your Cravings with a Low Carb Shake

We never were really big into drinking shakes until this summer. We finally found one that we LOVED and tasted like a brownie batter (no joke!) even our kids love drinking this daily. What I love most is that it is low in carbs, so it curbs my sugar and chocolate cravings without the sugar crash! It is a great snack or even use it as a meal replacement. You will love it.

Block the Cheat Meal

I know that you can’t avoid holiday splurges and cheat meals altogether because parties, traditions, PIE! So I’m not going to tell you that you can’t eat your favorite foods… but you can enjoy them in moderation.

Pick one even a week that you can treat as your “cheat meal.” There is some evidence showing that a weekly cheat meal or cheat day actually is good for your metabolism, but you can’t do it daily.

When you cheat, use my favorite blocker to block some of the extra carbs and fats from your splurge.

You can enjoy the holidays without the weight gain : )

Greens are GOOD!

I always struggled to get in all my fruits and vegetables I needed every day. Plus, I knew I was just not getting the variety that I needed. I had all the best intentions, but some of those superfoods don’t actually taste very super lol

That’s when I found a great tasting way to make sure I got in all the fruits and vegetables I needed every day (plus you can add it into your chocolate smoothie for a great rich chocolate flavor!) Now, even my kids beg me to drink their fruits and vegetables every day.

When vegetables tastes like chocolate – the whole family will love them!

Are you ready to have a No Gain Holiday with me?

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