Low Sugar Chocolate Protein Popcicles

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If you have a picky kid in the house, you know that every meal becomes a struggle… you just want to get through one healthy meal or snack without a fight.


You are not alone, lol.


One of the things that we have tried to teach our daughter is to make sure you are getting protein & healthy fats everyday – and try to limit the sugar.


Thankfully, we have found healthy foods that tastes like chocolate!

Believe it or not – even vegetables can taste good to picky kid when they taste like chocolate.


Today, I’m going to share with you my daughter’s favorite (and so simple!) Healthy Chocolate Protein Packed Popsicle!

Healthy Chocolate Protein Packed Popsicle


1 cup of almond milk

1 scoop of chocolate shake


Shake well, pour into molds.

Freeze 2-4 hours and Enjoy!



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