Four Ways to Sneak in More Fruits and Vegetables Every Day without Complaints from Your Picky Eaters

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Isn’t it ironic…

Would you believe that I have one of the pickiest kids on the planet… no seriously I really believe she could win an award for it.

It is so hard for me because I know that what you eat is the foundation of your health! You have to make sure you are eating all the different fruits and vegetables you need because…


The most important vitamin is the one you are missing! 


Even as a busy mom I struggle most days to make sure I’m eating the right variety and enough servings of fruits and vegetables.

Watch to learn my secret to sneak in fruits and vegetables into my kids and even on the busiest days I can make sure I’m getting what I need too!


Four Ways to Sneak in More Fruits and Vegetables Every Day!



Here’s what I use to sneak in all the fruits and vegetables without complaints or tears (for either of us! lol)

Berry Greens on the Go

Chocolate Greens

Vegan Chocolate Shake


To Your Health,



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