“How can I stop drinking coke!?!” HELP!

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Making healthier choices can be hard sometimes.


I think the best way to have long term success with any lifestyle change is to find ways to enjoy things you love without it completely derailing your progress!


So when someone tells me “I know I need to cut down on Coke or Diet Coke – but I just really want that taste and experience!”

I like to be able to offer some options that are WAY healthier and better for you over all.


Maybe you’ve heard that drinking “Diet Soda” is better for you, but what we are learning about artificial sweeteners made me even more motivated to find a healthy alternative WITHOUT the use of artificial sweeteners.


Whether you call it “Coke”, “Pop” or “Soda” there are some healthier options that I’ve found!


Watch 3 Healthy Coke Alternatives



You can pick up Zevia as well as La Croix on Amazon or at your local natural health store.


I hope this helps you make healthy choices (with a few more options without the sugar or artificial sweeteners)



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