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In case you haven’t seen already, I just entered the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy! Very exciting, and hoping that the morning sickness will start to die down!


Like a lot of moms at this point, I’m getting more aware of my skin and trying to make sure I’m doing all I can to fight off stretch marks or other issues I would rather not deal with on this pregnancy…


Here are my top 2 MUST HAVES for healthy skin care

(These are still good if you have never had a baby, or if your baby is now all grown up!)


Defining Gel


This is my LIQUID GOLD – I literally just slathered it all over my legs!


 Besides smelling AMAZING with all the botanicals and herbs, you can get tightening, toning, and firming results with this deep moisturizing, body contouring gel.

I’m using this on my normal problem areas like my legs and upper arms, while improving how healthy my skin looks too!


 I use it every day like a lotion. You can use it twice a day for best results.


 I call it my “Liquid Gold” because this stuff is AMAZING!!!


Some of the other typical things I use the Gel for:

A) Reducing Cellulite
B) Tighting Skin
C) Helping with sun burns
D) Reducing bug bites
E) Reducing varicose veins
F) Brightening up tattoos




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Stretch Mark Cream


This cream is specifically focused on preventing stretch marks as well as reducing the appearance of any stretch marks you might already have.

I’m using this primarily on my stomach, as you can imagine that’s NOT an area I want to tighten or tone, but I do want to prevent stretch marks!


Both of these work so well together, I have been using them daily for the past 4 years! I know as soon as you open your first bottle, you are going to be hooked just like I am.



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Give me a hollar if you want more info and the deets on how to grab this special 



Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What is Defining Gel?
Answer: Defining Gel™ is an intensive body contouring gel that hydrates the skin and firms areas such as the abdomen, back, legs, and upper arms.


Question: How often can I use Defining Gel?
Answer: Apply once or twice daily to targeted areas with circular massage until gel is completely absorbed. Extra massaging will assist the toning effect of the Defining Gel™ and appearance of smooth skin. Your skin will be deeply hydrated, feel softer, and appear tightened, toned, and firmed! Results are progressive with continued use. It Works! can make no specific guarantees or warranty of performance.


Question: Does Defining Gel contain the same ingredients as the Ultimate Body Applicator?

Answer: Defining Gel™ contains a small amount of the properties found in the Applicators but also contains ingredients that can help to hydrate and firm all areas of your body. Like the Ultimate Body Applicator™, Defining Gel is not intended for use on the face.

Question: What are the benefits of using Defining Gel?

Answer: Defining Gel™ works with the Ultimate Body Applicator™ to maintain, enhance, and maximize your results. Like the Ultimate Body Applicator, Defining Gel improves skin texture and tightness, reducing the appearance of skin slackening. It hydrates, softens, tones, and firms for an all-over smoothness that gives you more youthful looking skin.


Question: Do I use Defining Gel at the same time as I use an Applicator?
Answer: Defining Gel™ is designed to enhance the tightening, toning, and firming results of the Ultimate Body Applicator™. Do not apply Defining Gel before using the Ultimate Body Applicator, as the Ultimate Body Applicator works best on clean, dry skin. For maximum results, use Defining Gel twice a day on the days between your Ultimate Body Applicator treatments.

Question: Can it be used alone or does it have to be used in conjunction with the Ultimate Body Applicator?

Answer: Defining Gel™ can be incorporated into your daily beauty regimen whether you use the Ultimate Body Applicator™ or not. However, your body will experience maximum results when you team up these two life-changing products.


Question: Can I use Defining Gel on my face?
Answer: No, Defining Gel™ is formulated to tighten, tone, and firm the skin on the body only. The skin on the face requires more delicate treatment for long-term results. Instead, use Facial™, a comprehensive botanical formula that gently delivers dramatic results to the skin on the face. Facial deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in just 45 minutes.


Question: If I can’t use the Defining Gel on my face, what products can I use that will compliment the Facial?
Answer: Products that are designed for your face are Lip and Eye Cream, PreventAge and RepairAge.


Question: Is Defining Gel safe for me to use if I am pregnant, nursing or have an ongoing medical condition?
Answer: Before using any new product, whether a nutritional supplement, topical cream or treatment, or any other item, you should always consult your physician to find out if it is safe for you. I personally got approved to use it during pregnancy and nursing.






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