How Rachel Lost 15 Pounds!

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Yesterday, my friend Rachel and I started talking and I said you HAVE to share your story… 

I hear all the time “I’m too busy” 

and Rachel could have used that as an excuse to just stay where she was… 

but she decided she was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired… so she did something about it! 

She shares her story for us: 

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle

Wow!!!!  My name is Rachel.  As I write my story, I can’t help but cry. I am so grateful for what ItWorks has done for me and my family. 

After having our fourth baby, I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I was that mom that put on a happy face as often as possible, but inside, I was miserable. 

I just didn’t feel good about myself at all. My husband reassured me often how beautiful I was, but I didn’t believe it myself. 

We were in a period of transition, in which we were having to make financial decisions, which made things more stressful. I felt stuck!  

I was becoming more and more short with my kids, I just didn’t feel well.  

The opportunity was presented to me to become a distributor. I felt like this was an answer to prayer, both physically and financially. I knew I needed this!!! 

I felt in order to truly be able to promote I had to have my own opinion about the product, my own story. 

I immediately ordered our Keto Coffee and Chocolate Greens and was AMAZED!!!  

I started losing weight and feeling better. I had more energy-I was now able to homeschool my 2 older kids, keep up with my 3 year old, and take care of my baby with energy to spare. 

I now weigh less than what I weighed before I had my first baby 11 years ago!! 

I am now able to help supplement income while staying home to raise our children. 

As I look at my before and after pics, I am so grateful for the transformation-the first picture shows a picture of a worn out mom with a forced smile, while the second shows a happy, healthy mom with a genuine smile. 

My mom told me the other day, “Rachel, you just shine”. It is amazing the difference it makes when you feel good!!!  

I will forever be grateful for what It Works has done for me. I will forever stand behind our products 100%!!!

I will forever be grateful for what It Works has done for me. I will forever stand behind our products 100%!!!

I love stories like this!

If you are ready to write your own story, Become My Product Tester!

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