5 Tips to Drink More Water Every Day!

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 Now that I’m nursing… I’m always THIRSTY  Did you know that MOST people are walking around DEHYDRATED?! 

That doesn’t sound too scary until you realize that being dehydrated is one cause of having a SLOW metabolism  and having difficulty losing weight.

For me, water is important for regulating my blood sugar and keeping my body healthy for my growing baby  

Here are 5 Tips to Make Drinking Water a Habit /// How can you make drinking water a habit? 

 Always carry it with you

Just having a water bottle within reach makes it WAY more likely that you will drink water throughout the day. So a habit would be to throw a water bottle in your purse, have it in the car, on your desk – then there is no excuse!

 Sip water before your meals and snacks

Hunger cues and thirst cues are so similar to our bodies… it can sometimes get confused! So a great tip is to ALWAYS drink a cup of water before you eat any snack or meal.

This will help make sure you are satisfying your thirst – and make sure you are getting all the water in you need each day too.

Drink water after each bathroom break

Tying drinking water to something you are already doing is KEY to being successful at making it a habit. So what is something you do every single day??

Go to the bathroom!

After you get done with your bathroom break, drink a cup of water to re-hydrate and help you get in all the water you need throughout the day.

Use an app to remind you to drink water

While you are laying down a new habit, it is OKAY to need that reminder! It won’t be second nature yet. Before long, you won’t need a reminder to drink!

Use a marked water bottle to keep track

I have been using a marked water bottle for the past 10 years or so to make sure I am drinking water throughout the day and staying hydrated!

After you hit your daily goal, don’t forget to reward yourself. (Maybe a relaxing facial!)

 Remember, you are ONLY as healthy as your daily habit!

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