8 Rules of Marriage

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 8 Rules for Marriage: After 15 years together, we have learned a few lessons… 

1. Learn new things together.

After 15 years, you can still learn new things about each other through new experiences.

Take a class, try a new sport, explore a new country!

2. Be flexible.

Things are not as black and white as you think. And plans are never set in stone – Being a parent will teach you that as well!

3. Most disappointments are due to having unmet expectations.

Go into situations with managed expectations.

This is key for holidays, birthdays, vacations  because things will never be like the movies… but they can be imperfectly perfect.

4. Communication is key.

Which is something I (Angela) have to make sure I express what I really mean – and not leave it up to mind reading.

5. Dream together .

 We fell into a routine of not imagining something could be different.

When we opened our minds to trying new things, moving to new places, meeting new people… our lives, our marriage, our family benefited from dreaming together.

6. Fight for each other.

You are going to argue (that’s usually a sign you are actually communicating with each other).

If you fight FOR each other, and not against each other – everyone will win.

Fight with the right end in mind. 
For what matters. 
For what’s best. 
Not to win.

7. Cry together.

Life will be tough. One of both of you will go through tough times. Part of being married is that you will have someone to go through that storm with. Share your pain with each other.

8. Pray together.

Go to church together. Serve together. Give together. I can’t imagine what our lives, our marriage would be like without our relationship with Christ 

If you are celebrating an anniversary this year, Let us know how long you have been together in the comments!!

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