How I Lost The Baby Weight While Nursing

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Six months ago, I was at the heaviest weight of my LIFE!

I’m sharing How I Lost The Baby Weight While Nursing and give simple tips to help you lose the weight without losing your milk supply.

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What you eat is 80% of how you look.

Mama, I’m going to be very honest with you…

6 months ago, I was at the HEAVIEST weight of my life.

I had gained 40 pounds (or more) when I was pregnant with my 3rd baby… and I was a little nervous that I would never lose the baby weight.

Have you ever felt that way?

I am one of those mamas who struggle to lose while I’m nursing… or at least I had in the past.

But this time was different… and I’m going to share some secrets that helped me lose the baby weight while nursing.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

I believe that one reason I was able to lose the weight after I had my 3rd baby was because even though I gained the most weight, I ate low carb and stayed active (at least an hour walk every day!)

Even though it is easy to stop working out or give in to the cravings, staying healthy and making healthy choices during your pregnancy is so important.

One reason that I personally ate low carb was because I always have gestational diabetes and I’m able to manage my gestational diabetes naturally through diet and exercise.

How I lost the baby weight while nursing
How I lost the baby weight while nursing

How I lost the Baby Weight

I believe having a simple plan that you can do each day is the key to success. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to workout very easily with a newborn (and going on walks wouldn’t happen when it was too cold outside).

I lost all the baby weight without exercising with these three tips:

3 Tips to Losing the Baby Weight:

1- Start Your Morning Right.

Every morning I would start with my fat burning coffee. This is a simple healthy way to give my body healthy fats (which not only makes my milk richer but also fuels my metabolism). By limiting carbs in the morning, you are able to burn more fats during the day.

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2- Getting in High Quality Nutrition

Not one day did I miss my greens superfood powder. This is my simple superfood powder that gives me all the fruits & vegetables my body needs (plus makes healthier milk too!) – plus, is a natural daily detox & helps with cravings.

My favorite way to drink it is mixed into my keto coffee to make a keto friendly hot chocolate or mocha. When you give your body the nutrients that it needs each day, you will feel the difference!

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3- Herbal Skin Tightening Treatment

I started using these body wraps to tighten my skin after my second baby was born and I noticed my skin wasn’t as tight as before… My friend actually shared with me her results after using them and I knew this was what I needed to help me get my confidence back (and get results too!)

My herbal skin tightening treatment nourishes your skin and helps tighten skin after pregnancy from the outside using herbs and botanicals.

It’s so easy to use. You just place it on your body where you want to tighten your skin and leave it for 45 minutes.

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I hope that these tips show you that it really can be possible to get results even when you are nursing. I do try to eat healthy most of the time… but I also splurge weekly (like this weekend I had pizza & ice cream  just being real guys!)

Oh yeah… and like I said, I don’t workout beyond walks with my family (everyone always asks about working out…)

I learned that simple daily swaps made the biggest difference for me! 

I believe your success is found in your daily habits… in the 1% simple swaps you can make every day!

I’m proud of my body… and what it has been through in the past year –

and I’m also thankful I have a plan that works to help me stay healthy., look and feel my best even when my day is crazy.

If you want me to customize a plan for you, just click the button below and I’ll get you set up with the best plan that fits your needs:

Your results are just one simple swap away…

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