10 Ways to Do Personal Development Without Reading

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If you are reading this, then I’m sure you are trying to make an improvement in some areas of your life…

Maybe it is your health… maybe it is your finances, maybe it is how you can make the most impact with your gifts.

“Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.”

―Brian Tracy

Most people will agree that reading is the most popular form of personal development…

You may have heard that “Readers are leaders.”

But what I found is that investing in myself in any form is improving where I am… 

When reading isn’t easy for me (because of difficulty processing, or just stage of life)… what CAN I do?

Watch the Video:

You may not know this about me… but when I was in early elementary school, I was diagnosed with borderline dyslexia… Now, it didn’t stop me from learning to read (and going on to getting my master’s degree in speech therapy!)…

but it did and still does make reading take extra time…

With my busy life and trying to be a mom and grow my business… I need to save that extra processing for other areas of my life.

So I learned that I could invest in myself DAILY without having to sit down and read a book.


Grab my 10 Ways to do Personal Development WITHOUT Reading:

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10 Ways to do Personal Development without Reading
10 Ways to do Personal Development without Reading
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