Special EP: Behind the Scenes: The Kids of the Family Hustle

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Maybe the biggest impact you are going to make is the legacy you leave with your kids… 

Them watching you chase after your BIG dreams is going to show them that THEY can go chase after THEIR dreams too! 

 If you are sitting there thinking…

“Do I have time to do this??”
“IS this really worth it??”

I want to tell you…

It is not only WORTH IT… but you SHOULD be chasing after your dreams. 

If you have something inside you calling you to be more… to dream bigger…

You should GO AFTER IT! 

You are not only going to affecting your own life, you are going to be leaving a legacy with your kids –

so they can see that their dreams are worth fighting for.

Places Mentioned in Show:

The Gathering Place

The Amazeum of Bentonville

Attraction Marketing Boot Camp
Attraction Marketing Boot Camp
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