3 Tips to Get in Your Skinny Jeans without Doing Keto

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I’m a big fan of eating Keto because I believe that a lot of our health issues as well as weight issues are tied back to how many carbs and sugars we are eating each day. But when you want to get results and aren’t quite ready for Keto… where do you start?

These 3 Tips are Helping me Lose weight without being super strict on Keto… but focusing on what I can do to get results without the struggle.

Video: 3 Tips to Get in Your Skinny Jeans Without Keto

Stock Your Pantry

If you haven’t grabbed my Keto Grocery List… stop what you are doing and grab it now sister!

Even if you aren’t doing full blown keto and tracking your macros (Full disclosure… I am not tracking anything and getting great results!) you need to know what to have handy to stay on track, keep your blood sugar levels even, and stay full without cravings. Right?

So be smart and stay prepared with a healthy stocked pantry!

Focus on Simple Swaps

How am I getting results this summer without being super strict?


I can’t say it enough… your results are basically made up of only like 20% of your actions. Plus, 1% changes over time is where your long term success is!

And if you are aren’t into numbers before I lose you… that just means simple swaps matter yo’!

Something you can do EVERY SINGLE day… When you are home, when you are on the go, when it is sunny, when it is rainy…

A simple swap means you can basically do it in your sleep, haha!

Some simple swaps for me is my fat burning coffee… I started switching my morning coffee for my fat burning latte and the pounds started dropping.

Another simple swap is my fat burning lemonade that keeps me in fat burning mode even when I don’t eat 100% low carb.

Low carb tortillas baby! Those keep me on track because Tacos are my happy place, and if I can’t eat tacos then why am I here?? Ha!

Extra: My Free Cravings Swap Guide can help you stay on track even when you are dealing with cravings, You can find that in my Free Intermittent Fasting Challenge.

Intermittent Fasting

If you haven’t heard of Intermittent Fasting yet and how it can help you lose weight without dieting… well now you have!

Seriously, this has been such an easy thing for me to implement and see results even with extra splurges this summer!

This is what it looks like for me:

Stop eating around 8 at night.

Drink my fat burning coffee or lemonade for my breakfast (which doesn’t break my fat burning mode).

Don’t eat again until lunch/noon.

Easy Peasy!

Now, I have put together my BEST TIPS as well as daily help and inspiration to help you WIN with your first intermittent fast!

It is all in my FREE Five Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge which you can join in messenger by clicking the button below and sending my Facebook page the word:


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