How to eat low carb – even if you think you can’t

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If you think you can’t go without sugar… this is for you!

If you’re following me and seeing my no sugar September challenge… I posted a video recently that got a lot of responses.

I was honestly surprised with how many people commented on my video and said “oh I could never do that.” 

The majority of responses were people who were already feeling defeated – saying “I’ve already messed up so I can’t do it.” 

I wanted to share with you kind of where I’m coming from because I’ve been in your shoes if you’re thinking “I can’t do this” – and I’m here to help!

Watch: Why I eat low carb/sugar free

Do you need a sugar detox?

Maybe you have tried to eat low sugar… eat low carb… maybe even keto! and you tried for a while – but ended up giving up because you couldn’t stick to it long term.

What I want you to know is that this isn’t a “fad” but a lifestyle!

So I make sure that I can splurge and have fun – but always come back to eating low carb as my norm because I know that is my secret for having natural energy, stable moods, and losing weight and feeling my best!

But if you haven’t been eating well for a while… maybe even EVER… You could be addicted to sugar!

Did you know it is more addictive than drugs?

So many people who struggle – really would benefit from a sugar detox.

Sounds scary?

Well, honestly with my tools – it is easy and FUN!

Click to button below to learn how you can start your own EASY 5 day sugar detox to get rid of your cravings and get you back on track to reaching your goals – without the struggle!

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