5 Day No Sugar Challenge

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You know that sugar isn’t great for you…  Maybe you’ve tried to eat “low carb” or just less sugar and FAILED before…

You just want to be healthier, have more energy… it shouldn’t be this complicated, RIGHT??

this is for you 

I hear almost daily from moms who want to eat healthier… they KNOW they eat too much sugar and feel addicted 

But they feel confused and don’t know where to start…

Listen… it is not your fault.

There is a lot of information out there and it can be confusing – but I want to make it SIMPLE and easy for you…

– because helping busy moms feel your best, having all day energy and LOVING the way you look in your favorite jeans is my mission 

3 Reasons Why you may have struggled in the past 

1- You focused too much on REMOVING foods – you didn’t fill up on the right foods 

Your body needs FUEL to function.

If you reduce sugar as a fuel source… but don’t replace it with healthy fats…

You will end up eating your own arm probably by lunch or dinner on the first day 

 INSTEAD  Focus on filling up on healthy fats! You not only will feel full longer, you’ll crush your cravings too!

2- Focusing on “I can’t eat that…” will only leave you feeling deprived…


“Wow! I can eat all of that?!? Cool!”
“Wow! That recipe looks delicious!”

I’ve put together my keto grocery list just for YOU!

3- You tried to do it alone.  Yup. I get it. I tried that too and it was WAYYYYY harder than it should be.

If sugar really is addictive as they say (more addictive than drugs)  whyyyyy do you think you can do it without help?

I want to do this WITH YOU! 

So I’ve put together my BEST resources, guides, apps, recipes to help you make it through the HARDEST DAYS <the first 5 days are the hardest>

If you want alllllllll the deets to having an easy, simple, and I may just say FUN way to ditch the sugar FOR GOOD 

This is for you –


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