Why is Self-Care so Important?

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why is self care so important
why is self care so important

s e l f • c a r e • s a t u r d a y

Part of self care is loving yourself enough to do what you need to be healthy.

Part of it is saying “I am worth it.”

Part of it is renewing.
Part of it is growing.

It isn’t selfish… it is taking care of yourself.

You can’t pour from an empty cup – so use time this weekend to renew your mind, your skin, your body.

 My self care today is taking 45 minutes to treat my skin with a deep hydration mask while I’m filling my mind with healthy thoughts and loving my body enough to eat healthy foods. 

Also for my kid’s safety {this moment of “me time” is a must to keep “mean mommy” away } – haha!

 I’m thankful that I started focusing on my health from the inside and out… and because of that I’m a better mom & better version of myself –

Plus, I can have more confidence and energy to inspire others to be their best too through my social media business.

What are your favorite ways for self care?
What helps you renew and grow? 

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It Works Results

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