I BLOGGED 60 hours a week for 4 months… and earned $0

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I BLOGGED FOR 60 hours a week for 4 months… and earned $0 <<< This is a true story!

I thought  “I have two young daughters at home… all I want to do is be a stay at home mom and be able to earn an income without having to put them in daycare.”

I tried sewing and selling crafts < that was just a disaster 

Then I had this idea… 

I knew that people were making money blogging – so that was my answer!

I already had a {really sad and pitiful} blog… so I focused on updating it and working on my branding.

I threw up some ads and had a TON of traffic.

No lie – I was actually very successful as a new blogger getting in 90,000 views in my 3rd month.

But was I making any money?


I was working 60 hours a week… writing, sharing, posting, taking pictures… and I was getting nothing back.

Did you know that most influencers & bloggers are making basically nothing??

Likes don’t equal $$$

5 Skills You Must Have to Work From Home
5 Skills You Must Have to Work From Home

Then my friend shared with me how she was earning a full time income online – not blogging – but being a brand rep for a health and wellness company.

This is what I want to do!

I want to help normal moms and dads have more energy… more confidence… live a healthier life!

I had no sales experience.
But I had a heart for helping real people get real results.

I was also tired of trading time for money and wanted to be a part of a simple system that created FREEDOM!

  • Freedom so that I could earn an income anywhere.
  • Freedom to help families pay off debt.
  • Freedom to grow an income on our terms.

So I got started… without knowing all the answers… and in one week I had already made my first $500… in 5 months, I was earning a full time income from my home!!

Now, I teach normal moms and dads who are ready to get off the rat wheel and start living the life they were created to live – how to start making an impact using their passions…

and do it without giving up that precious time with their family.

If that’s you, reach out. It’s time to start living your dreams.


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