How to Grow Your Network Online through Facebook Groups and Instagram Hashtags

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How to Grow Your Network Online through Facebook Groups and Instagram Hashtags
How to Grow Your Network Online through Facebook Groups and Instagram Hashtags

First: What are some things some topics that you can talk about without any without any prep?

This is a topic or something that you can wake up, you can be excited about, and you could talk about it with no prep.

What are these topics?

If you already thought of three different topics… or maybe oneONE big topic or maybe some of you are thinking about five different things…

These are topics that you are already passionate about.

Things that you feel confident about, that you can talk about all day long.

You don’t have to think about it, you don’t have to “Google.” This is something you know.

So, based on that. This is the next step.

If you are reading this post… this idea is the next thing – This next idea is the foundation:

Fresh Fish Jump First

What that means is that every single day you should be adding to your network.

You can do this on Instagram. You can do this on Facebook. You could do this on Snapchat, tick tock, I’m not even on Tick tock, but I know that it is growing.

Every day you are growing your network without having commission breath, without thinking how can I get this person signed up… Going into meeting people with the idea that “I’m going to connect with new people every single day.”

I’m going to build relationships, I’m going to find friends I’m going to find people that I have things in common with, and that’s the foundation of growing your network connection with people who you already have things in common with so.

Watch the video to learn how to do this specifically on Facebook and Instagram:

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