Done is Better Than Perfect

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It was just a normal Thursday morning…

I was sitting at my dining room table. I had just finished feeding Anderson some baby food… and shop a little on Wikibuy – just trying to find the best deals (as you do, haha!)

All the sudden… I had a message I wanted to share.

I didn’t have to wait to book a spot on a radio show, I didn’t have to call the local TV station and ask for a spot on TV… I didn’t have to wait for a conference to be a key not speaker.

I just sat there with my phone and pushed ONE button and could share my message.

STAAAAAPPPPP trying to be perfect. Perfect is BORING!

Want to know what people really want?? What are they really asking?

“What’s in it for ME??”

If you focus on how you can HELP others… you will always win.

  • Show up 
  • Be you 
  • Change one person’s world 

 If you never show up… who is going to inspire that mom who is just a few steps behind you that she can have HOPE things will get better.

 If you never show up, who will share that lesson you learned that have you a new perspective.

 If you never show up, who will decide to not chase their dreams after all.

Watch The Video:


Now, go change someone’s world today 

The Family Hustle Podcast
The Family Hustle Podcast

And if you want more tips about how to make your impact online, check out our podcast:


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