One Drink to Boost Your Immunity

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“I want to be sick this winter season…”


Some recent studies are showing that elderberry ingredients are one of the most effective ways to minimize flu symptoms, sometimes those old wive’s tales have some truth to them!

Watch how SIMPLE it is to give your body a natural immunity BOOST one tablet at a time 

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The best health defense is a strong immune offense—support your overall immune function with just one glass of It Works! Immunity a day.†

Life throws a lot of things your way—from traveling, to taking the kids to soccer practice, to crowded elevators— and it’s up to you to keep your immune system strong so you stay healthy. 

It Works! Immunity is a refreshing, elderberry-flavored effervescent drink that strengthens, balances, and makes your immune system resilient.† It acts like a bodyguard and prepares your immune system for life’s daily stressed and threats.† With just one dose of It Works! Immunity each day, you’ll have a powerful first line of Immune defense.†

  • Supports healthy immune function and resilience† 
  • Helps your body respond quicker to threats† 
  • Provides a healthier stress response with a blend of adaptogens† 
  • Supplies a blast of Vitamin C, as much as in 16 oranges  
  • Soy-Free. Non-GMO. Dairy-Free. Vegan. 
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or artificial sweeteners  
  • Keto friendly 
  • Convenient, on-the-go effervescent tablets 
  • Elderberry flavor 
  • Dissolves in hot or cold water 

Suggested Use

For daily immune support, add 1 tablet to 8 fl. oz. hot or cold water and allow to effervesce. Take up to 2 tablets per day for more intense support.

How does It Works! Immunity support my immune system?

Your immune system constantly works to protect you, so it’s important to build up its resilience. With powerful, premium ingredients like MaitakeGold 404® mushroom, vitamins A & C, and elderberry, It Works! Immunity optimizes your immune system to function in full defense mode.† The antioxidants in It Works! Immunity also help to support and maintain healthy cells.† In any location, situation, or time of year, your immune system will remain healthy and strong with It Works! Immunity.†

Why should I take It Works! Immunity every day?

It’s simple: you need to support your immune health every day because your body is regularly bombarded with outside threats. With It Works! Immunity, your immune system stays in defense mode, ready for anything that each day might bring.† It provides superior immune-boosting ingredients that your body needs, while progressively enhancing and balancing immune stamina over time.†

Why do I need a healthy, responsive immune system?

If you’ve every said “I can’t afford to get sick right now,” then you understand why you require a responsive immune system. Immune health stimulates daily momentum, and you don’t want to be unable to participate in everyday activities. Everywhere you go and everything you do can expose you to potential health threats, so it’s important to keep your immune system on alert.

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