How to Get Rid of Bloat Fast

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Many people struggle with feeling bloated, so how do you get rid of bloat fast when you want to look and feel your best? Here are my best tips!


What is bloat?

Bloating typically occurs in your abdomen as related to having extra gas or air in your gastrointestinal track (your digestive system). Now, I also believe you can feel “bloated” when you are retaining extra water weight as well as when you are getting close to your period.


What causes bloat?

If your abdomen feels swollen or larger than normal, it may be related to having extra gas in your system. If you feel like your stomach area seems bloated, it could be related to that time of the month.


Where does bloat come from?

When we eat certain foods or become constipated, we can experience more gas than normal. If it is related to your period, it could just be a swollen uterus or hormones like progesterone that can cause gas.


What are some foods that cause bloat?

If what you are eating is causing gas and bloat, there are some easy fixes or you can avoid these foods altogether.



I have a love/hate relationship with dairy, haha! I personally believe that I would probably feel better if I cut it out completely… but I love cheese! If you feel bloated after eating a lot of dairy, you may have a dairy intolerance. Thankfully, there are a lot of dairy free options out there!



Beans are wildly known for causing gas. When you soak beans with baking soda you can reduce the phytates that can cause bloating. This is one easy fix that has helped me a lot!


Carbonated Drinks

I love a good carbonated drink every once in a while, but it is true that they can make you feel more bloated and gassy. If you want to get rid of bloat, make the switch to carbonated free drinks.



“Wheat belly” is a real thing! So many of us have trouble digesting wheat and it could cause extra gas to build up. Switching to gluten free or grain free options is a great way to reduce wheat. I love eating low carb which is an easy way to eliminate wheat from your diet.



Why is it that vegetables which are so healthy for you can cause bloat? Well, vegetables have extra fiber which is good for our body, but it takes more effort to digest it. This can cause more gas to build up, but the fiber can keep you regular.



I don’t limit onions, I love them! But if you are someone who wanted to really eliminate bloating – you may want to pass on the onions.


Sugar Alcohols

You know that I love me some sugar free and low carb desserts… but all those sugar alcohols can cause bloat. I personally don’t experience too much bloat with the occasional treat, but if you are wondering where the bloat is coming from and you just started eating more sugar free alternatives… that could be the culprit.


What are some tips to reduce bloating?


Improve digestion

A healthy digestive system should be able to process foods without leaving you bloated and gassy.

If you feel like you are bloated and not regular, you may need to focus on this foundation before you make any other changes.

Do you go poop once a day?

If you don’t, start with a high quality probiotic. This is the one I use and it keeps my regular! Also, make sure you are staying hydrated and drinking enough water.

If you want to try it with me, start as a loyal customer and save 40% off all your orders for life! Just try at least one product for 3 consecutive months and you get to join my savings program for free. Click here to try probiotics.


Stay hydrated with water


When I was younger, I lived on Diet Coke… I know I shutter to even think about drinking that now! But looking back I was so bloated and gassy because I wasn’t drinking enough water.

Many people tell me that they don’t like the taste of water. When you add a little lemon juice to it or some fruit infused flavor, you can wean yourself off of some of the drinks that aren’t as healthy for you and start filling more hydrated.

This will help your body work more efficiently and you can beat the bloat too!


What are some products that can help you reduce bloating?


A few years ago I really struggled with bloat. It was a combination of what I was eating, not drinking enough water and staying constipated. I learned a few simple habits that helped me make healthy lifestyle changes and now I am able to stay regular and eliminate bloating altogether!

The best thing is feeling good from the inside out!

Here are a few products that I use each month that help me stay healthy and look and feel my best!



I believe that everyone can benefit from a good herbal cleanse every once in a while. The one that I use is so gentle you can do it monthly!

You just drink a little 4 oz herbal drink two times a day and it will gently work to remove toxins from your digestive system, help you reduce bloat and you can feel the difference!




High Quality Probiotic

Everyone needs probiotcs!

Your digestive system is filled with good and bad bacteria, competing with each other and throwing off your microflora balance. You need that balance right so your good bacteria can fend off the immunity-challenging pathogens you encounter every day in the air you breathe, the water you drink, and even the food you eat!

With It Works! Probiotic you can balance out that bad bacteria by restoring the good!†

This Probiotic PLUS Prebiotic is formulated with two proprietary blends that strengthen your whole digestive system with targeted support for your small AND large intestines.†

Read more about if you need a probiotic.



Just Celery

I few months ago, I started my own celery juice challenge. I was blown away with my own results! I shared an update just after 6 days of drinking celery juice first thing in the morning.

One thing that I really loved with how it helped me improve bloating and stay regular. I felt so energized and clean! This really is an easy way to start your day with clean nutrition and stay hydrated too.

The benefits of celery juice are just amazing, you should try it and feel the results yourself!

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Target, Tighten and Tone your Tummy

About 6 years ago, I tried my own body wrap for the first time and I loved how it quickly gave me results (in as little as 45 minutes) and helped me target my tummy after having two babies.

After I had my 3rd baby last year, I didn’t wait a month before using the ultimate body applicator to tighten my tummy and help me feel more confident again.


My results and how to get rid of bloating fast with these products



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