My Daily Routine for Weight Loss after Pregnancy and Weaning

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Today I’m sharing what a typical day looks like for me (including modified intermittent fasting and low carb meal ideas the whole family will love!) I’m sharing my daily routine for weight loss after pregnancy and weaning.

After pregnancy, nursing, and now weaning… I’m ready to feel like “myself” again! So I’m starting my own weight loss challenge to help me drop the last few pounds of “baby weight” and also just feel my best again! 

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My Daily Routine for Weight Loss after Pregnancy and Weaning

So if you’ve been following my recent podcast episodes and blog posts you know that I just recently weaned my son. So I am trying to lose the last few pounds! The “baby weight” as some call it. Today I’m sharing my daily routine for weight loss after pregnancy and weaning.

I nursed my son for a little over a year and a half, and whenever I was nursing I wasn’t really strict about my diet. I definitely did try to stay active and walk I didn’t do anything too strenuous, and I tried to follow a low carb

But I splurged A LOT just being fully honest! I wasn’t very strict at all but if we were eating at home we typically eat low carb, or at least I would stick to brown rice and things like that.

However, when I did wean my son I felt like my hormones kind of went crazy, and I gained about five pounds within just a few weeks. It was about a pound a week for a month straight. It may not seem like a lot, but I could tell that I needed to a focus on getting my hormones regulated again after weaning. And I also needed to get back on track reining in some of my eating habits. And I love that I can come here and just be honest with you and share that with you!

weight loss after pregnancy and weaning

So I wanted to let you know kind of what I’m eating right now and a bit of an update on my progress. So I just started my personal fall weight loss plan where I’m doing a little bit more home workout stuff, including a bit more weightlifting. It’s “weightlifting” but I primarily use a kettlebell and not too heavy weights, but more more for the resistance and toning as I’ve shared with you before.

I’m staying active with walking, biking, and using a rebounder and different things that you can do pretty easily, even as it’s getting colder outside and you don’t want to go on long walks. You can still find
some things to do at home to stay active. I’ve also gotten into a new groove on my supplements plans (I’ve attached what I’m using if you want to see what I’m using myself, they are pretty great!)

But one thing to keep in mind is that I don’t believe you have to be super strict to get results. I believe that you can get results focusing on 80% of what you eat. For example, yesterday my daughter made cookies, and of course I’m going to try one cookie (I’m not a crazy person!) but I’m not going to eat the whole batch of them! Being a little more mindful of your choices can allow you to have a splurge once in a while! So don’t get obsessed about every little thing you eat, and that’s something I practice myself.

My Daily Eating Plan for Weight loss after Pregnancy and Weaning

But many of you have asked what I typically eat in a given day, so I wanted to share that with you! I do have tons of recipes on the blog that should give you some ideas if you need some new things to try. I also have my keto grocery list because I believe a big part of having success is that you have the right food available.

For example, I love tacos. I mean I absolutely LOVE tacos and so I make sure I always have low carb tortillas in my pantry. So anytime I’m like “Oh man, I REALLY want a taco fix right now!” I can have it and it won’t completely ruin my week. And so just with a simple swap you can have a little car taco instead of a tortilla that has high carbs that can raise your blood sugar, spike your insulin and prevent you from losing weight, you can have an alternative, still enjoy it and then be on track to reach your goals.

I personally believe in eating low carb and keto because a I’ve been eating this way for my own health and benefit because I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I was pregnant with my first baby. I realized in that moment, I didn’t know what to eat if I couldn’t have carbs!

So I learned a lot of new recipes. I learned a lot of “hacks” to make it easier to do it while I was pregnant. Since then I’ve had two more pregnancies where I stuck to low carb from the beginning and I was able to completely control my gestational diabetes without having to resort to medications.

But you know what’s even better? I realized how much better I was feeling overall! I don’t think I ever really realized before how completely addicted I really was to carbs and sugar.

I was having these energy crashes routinely and I found it was related to what I was eating. You want to fill your body with healthy fats, fiber, fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins and all that but you must make sure you are not out of balance. I know that there’s a lot of like negative talk about how you should eat a well balanced diet and that’s the only diet that’s legitimate, but if you don’t feel good, then it’s not the right diet for you!

And so I had to share my personal what helps me and hopefully it will help somebody else. And there’s so many of my friends who were able to switch to more of a low carb diet and they started dropping weight so much easier.

And so that’s another thing is that it can be a part of just your health and feeling good and having sustained energy and getting rid of sugar cravings and focusing on nutrition, and then a byproduct maybe that you end up losing weight and you feel your best all over and so that’s something that I’m really passionate about is helping people start with their nutrition as the foundation, then they realize wow there’s so much benefit from your feeling your body the right way with healthy fats and nutrition.

What I eat in a day…

So, back to what I eat in a day. So, what I eat now is a lot different was larger than than when I was pregnant. When I was pregnant. I had to eat every two to three hours or I was really stealing I was, I was having those like if I wouldn’t, if I didn’t eat every two to three hours when I was pregnant. I would get sick or I would get lightheaded and everything and so part of this is listening to yourself. So what I am telling you now is what is happening right this minute I’m not nursing. I’m not pregnant, whenever I was nursing I was having to eat more often.

And whenever I was pregnant I was having to eat more often, but I’m telling you what I’m doing right now, I’m kind of doing like a modified intermittent fasting, but this is what is working well for me because when I wake up, I’m not really ready to eat and I know my husband says the same thing, he’s not really ready to eat something and sometimes if you eat, and you’re not ready they can make you sick and so what we typically do is we start our day with coffee. And if you’re following me anywhere you know that I love coffee and I start my day off with coffee.

Now I usually do add a little bit of heavy cream, even though a lot of like strict intermittent fasting people don’t do that they’ll just drink it black but I didn’t worry about a modified intermittent fast so that it doesn’t raise my
blood sugar and keep it under 100 calories.

Skinny Brew Coffee

And then I do use my skinny brew so that has some different
nootroptics, which is really good for like your brain health and helping you wake up and think more clearly. I don’t know about you guys, I sometimes I wake up and I’m in like a brain fog, because kids aren’t sleeping through the night and so I really need that extra help and so that’s something that is really good for this coffee that I start with and then also has a metabolism booster in it so that’s good too for having me, you know, these these last five counts as the hardest is whenever you’re being hit like a plateau and you’re trying to break through.

And so that’s good and I’m 35, and so I always am looking for ways to help me with my energy, especially in the morning because I don’t have time to just like wait for myself to wake up it’s just like okay we got to go we gotta get to school you know and everything. So if you can relate tonight you know that extra energy boost is sometimes a good thing in the morning,
so then I usually don’t eat.

Again, I just drink my coffee and I usually don’t eat until a late lunch.

Lunch is leftovers.

Usually in our house. It’s leftovers. And I cook, and I before because I have a low carb super casserole or just you know whatever we had, I’ll make myself a serving, not for lunch. So I typically do not have like separate lunch, um, sort of meals and dinner we typically just eat leftovers
for lunch but I don’t usually cook lunch and so I personally the way that I usually cook is, I’ll make extra like at night whenever I cook, I’ll make a double backdrop just made sure that we have enough leftover so I don’t have to cook every night. But then I also have lunches ready to.

And so, for my kids I, they don’t usually eat leftovers so they’ll have sandwiches or they’ll have mac and cheese or different things like that. I don’t usually do that. So that’s what usually is for me I’m not a snacker, you know, and so that’s part of your making sure that whatever I eat for lunch has healthy as it has protein, and it’s lower in the carbs and so you’re not going to have like an energy crash because your body, it takes longer to break down the fats and the proteins have you seen before longer, and that is my biggest secret whenever someone tells me that they tried to lose weight before when they’re just so hungry all the time,

My number one tip is just make sure that you eat more fat.

You might think like, oh gosh if I eat all this fat I’m going to gain weight, how can you lose weight if you’re eating. Avocado by day you know but thinking about how you say before. And if you eat more fat then you’re gonna have room for the empty carbs which may be spider, sugar, maybe you feel like an energy crash or anything. So a lot of times I’ll have a salad for lunch with my leftovers.

What I do in the afternoon is I’ll sip hot tea. I usually have a gallon unsweet tea bread and I always have my vitamin drinks that I’ll drink, just to make sure that I’m getting in all the water that I need.

That’s another part of weight loss, but just in general, so many of us are walking around dehydrated should focus on aging that you bring in water so I typically drink. The bulk of my water in the afternoon. And so I’m always sipping on something.

Dinner time…

And for us we typically eat dinner – I don’t know some six somewhere in there, it depends it kind of is. Summertime I feel like personally out of Baptist school, and then like I said, personally, getting into other. I love soup and into life right now and the crowd is like a chicken tortilla kind of soup. Now, but my little party is in there and everything, but that’s why every night. But a big chili do or something. Usually, and then again I can you know not throw several meals. Another thing that I like to do is talk about like I said spaghetti is another thing. We’re all cooking squash and I can eat meat. Again, kids can eat it with the noodles. And so we’re having a meal, having different side effects. Instead of doing spaghetti squash and some times we’ll do like a stir fry or something like that, since it’s colder. I was in the wintertime, I really like soups.

So like I said today of my recipes on my blog, so that you can go and look at some of my recipes. I put out for everyone so that they can eat only after that. So usually I end my day I actually was talking about this on another device in my day with my heart when she talks in three. I personally like to drink something hot at night. It’s like having to have coffee or something like I drink hot chocolate. So, tonight with this hot chocolate always put a little bit more a little bit creepy. But, and then I really have a big square of dark chocolate that I love chocolate is so good for you before it has magnesium in it and so that you don’t have to be a bit ashamed for having hide or. I went and then just one single day and I already started my skinny brew.

Afternoon lunch. I have another, I have metabolism. And then my adaptogens- which are really good for moms, especially stress.
Stress, Stress.

I think we need a little, a little bit of help in it. And so it’s calming kind of supplements just stress, but it’s so good. Just your adrenal glands, which how beautiful Adrenal Fatigue is your mom’s enjoy it ate that lunch.

And then I drink my wild cheery vitamins in the morning and then I bring it with my chocolate. Getting all the nutrients that I need to stay healthy. My immunity to get all of these things to help me. Wow. So a part of weight loss includes actually supplementing and giving your body.

After pregnancy, nursing, and now weaning… I’m ready to feel like “myself” again! So I’m starting my own weight loss challenge to help me drop the last few pounds of “baby weight” and also just feel my best again! 


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My Weight Loss Plan After Pregnancy and Weaning

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