8 Rules of Marriage

 8 Rules for Marriage: After 15 years together, we have learned a few lessons… 

1. Learn new things together.

After 15 years, you can still learn new things about each other through new experiences.

Take a class, try a new sport, explore a new country!

2. Be flexible.

Things are not as black and white as you think. And plans are never set in stone – Being a parent will teach you that as well!

3. Most disappointments are due to having unmet expectations.

Go into situations with managed expectations.

This is key for holidays, birthdays, vacations  because things will never be like the movies… but they can be imperfectly perfect. read more

How To QUIT Dieting for Good!

So many women are discouraged year after year  because they decide to try a new diet… stick to it for a week… then feel deprived, binge eat, struggle with cravings  and in the end feel like a failure and worse off 

I’m here to share this with you!

How to Stop Dieting for Good! Grassfedmama.com/dieting

The reality is: 
 Diets don’t work. 
 Cravings are signals.
 You can get results without dieting!

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It’s one of the biggest lies  and it’s one of the biggest things that’s keeping you from success.

I want to debunk some other myths for you …
Because I TRULY BELIEVE if you know the TRUTH  You’ll be able to love yourself, live your best life & get healthy this year! read more

5 Tips to Drink More Water Every Day!

 Now that I’m nursing… I’m always THIRSTY  Did you know that MOST people are walking around DEHYDRATED?! 

That doesn’t sound too scary until you realize that being dehydrated is one cause of having a SLOW metabolism  and having difficulty losing weight.

For me, water is important for regulating my blood sugar and keeping my body healthy for my growing baby  

Here are 5 Tips to Make Drinking Water a Habit /// How can you make drinking water a habit?  read more

4 Stretches for Back and Hip Pain During Pregnancy

4 Stretches for Hip and Back Pain During Pregnancy
4 Stretches for Hip and Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pros and Cons to Carrying Low in Pregnancy 

Pro: No kicks in my ribs (ouch) 
Con: More aches in my hips 

Pro: I can breathe! 
Con: I have to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes 

Con: Pants don’t fit right. 
Pro: Who needs pants anyways 

Did you carry your babies low or high?

Aidy was always high. 
I just thought Annaleigh was low. 
Anderson was ALWAYYYYS a low rider 

This picture was taken when I was in labor with Anderson.

Excuse the messy bathroom, haha

Nearing my third trimester last year, my hips started to give me grief as my belly was growing and putting more pressure down below. read more

How to do a Follow Up Friday

One thing we do every day is work closely with moms showing them how they can build a business from their home… from their phones… when they are on the go…

But one thing is key.


This is one SECRET that we teach our teams:

How to do a Follow Up Friday: read more

It Works BFF Review

Say “hello” to the BFF that gives you clean fat for ultimate results.

Would you like this shaken or stirred?

It Works! Best Fat Fuel™ is a unique source of clean fat fuel that’s delicious and indulgent no matter which way you choose to enjoy it. With 3g net carbs, you can turn these functional fats into a pudding, shake, fat bomb, or snack and feel the same, guilt-free satisfaction.

As versatile as it is delicious, this multi-tasking treat also sustains your body and mind with long-lasting energy and steady focus. Perfect for anyone who wants to curb their cravings without sugar, It Works! Best Fat Fuel is the BFF that helps you crush your goals. read more

What I Learned During My First Year of Working From Home

Five years ago, I was a stay at home mom of my two girls and I was feeling stuck.


Maybe you have felt that way before too??


I loved being home with my girls! I had a 3 year old and a 6 month old. I just wasn’t ready to go back to work, but our budget kept getting tighter and tighter.


What could we do? 


Adam had a great job but couldn’t really increase his income at work, so he was throwing around the idea of taking on another job just to give up some extra room to be able to give more to our church and save for a vacation. read more

How to Start Making Money With It Works

 5 years ago, I took a leap of faith and tried something NEW – totally out of my comfort zone!!

Guys  I’m a total introvert and honestly never ever saw myself doing anything like this… but I had a burning desire to be able to give back more than we had ever given before.

We tried to cut our budget, but there was just no more room to cut (so we cut our upcoming trip to Disney and a new van for me)

I didn’t like having to say “no” to my kids… I just knew there was something more I could do. So… I started a business for $99.  read more

How We Work From Home

Five years ago, I was a stay at home mom of my two girls and I was feeling stuck.

I wanted to get healthy and feel my best… and I was looking for a way to make some extra money from home.

Before I was a mom, I worked as a speech therapist – and it was a great job! However, my dreams changed when I became a mom and I no longer wanted to work outside of my home.

I searched and searched for ways to make some extra money at home on my schedule while I was raising my girls along side me…. and it was not easy to find something that would work. read more


I don’t know why quiche makes me happy…

Is it the crust?

Is it feeling a little more sophisticated when you say “Let’s eat quiche tonight!” instead of “Hey… what about scrambled eggs again?

Whatever the magic of quiche… it tops a lot of people’s comfort foods list for sure!

How do I know?

When I asked this question: What should I make?

The MOST popular answer was QUICHE!

One thing I love about quiche is you can literately use anything in your fridge! read more