Podcast 5: How To Follow Up Without Being Annoying

You may have heard that “the Fortune is in the Follow up”… but how do you do it in a way that isn’t spammy or annoying. You started your business because you want to serve others… not chase them away… right? But you can’t ignore following up.. so how do we do it the right way?

Listen to learn:
Why following up is so important
How to do it in a non-spammy way
How to stay organized in your follow up

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Attraction Marketing Boot Camp
Attraction Marketing Boot Camp

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Podcast 4: How Do I Find People To Talk To?

This is one common question that I get with almost every person I talk to who is thinking about growing an online business. They can think of a handful of people they could reach out to… but what happens next? Will they run out of people to talk to?

Listen to discover our secret to never running out of people to talk to, and actually grow your list of potentials online.

Here’s the Memory Jogger we recommend for generating your first “100’s List”

Attraction Marketing Boot Camp
Attraction Marketing Boot Camp

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Podcast 3: Owning Your Online Real Estate

Everyone talks about building a business online these days… right? But what most people DON’T talk about is how to OWN a piece of the online real estate. This gives you the most CONTROL over your content. Plus, if your social media gets shut down or just isn’t loading for some reason, your business is still rocking and rolling!

Listen to learn how you can get back control of your content and become the OWNER of your own online space.

This post share the basics of how we currently run our blog, and should have some more specific pointers for you! read more

Podcast 2: The 4 Personality Colors & How to Understand Them

When dealing with other people in business, we quickly realize that not everyone thinks or values the same things that we do. When we discovered the 4 main personality colors and what these different types of people are motivated by, it helped us relate and also communicate more effectively.

Listen and discover how understanding the different personality colors can help you in your business!

We’ve made a simple guide to help explain the personality colors and help you understand your own color, you can grab it right here! read more

Podcast 1: 4 Ways to Update Your Sales Process in 2019

We recently had a very unique experience with an in home presentation and it made us think how much business has changed in the past few years. Listen as we discuss how we would update this sales model and how we would change it so that it would scale and give more freedom.

Want to learn a modern way to build your business without bugging your friends?

Learn How to Build a Business

Podcast Introduction: Meet Angela & Adam

We are Angela and Adam Parker. We help normal moms and dads chase after their BIG dreams in a modern online world. All while in the midst of raising kids in what we call “The Family Hustle.”

How to earn extra money from your phone
Podcast: Meet the Parkers

We are really excited to launch a new project we’ve been working on, our own podcast!

I know I know… It’s one of those things that everyone seems to try at some point, but we felt like we wanted to connect with a wider audience and as we have learned a LOT about running a home based business we wanted to share our experience with others! read more

5 Skills You Must Have to Work from Home

So many people are searching for ways to work from home or earn extra income on the side… but do they really have the skills it takes to be successful?

Here are five different skills we have seen in those who are able to build a successful income from home:

5 Skills You Must Have to Work From Home
5 Skills You Must Have to Work From Home

Five Skills You Must Have to Work from Home


You have to be self motivated to work from home. No one is going to be watching to see if you are getting your work done (or watching Netflix all day)

I see a lot of people struggling with this because they are used to having a job with a boss and deadlines… read more

6 Ways to Earn Extra money from Your Phone

Earning extra money from your phone is a dream for many – and lots of people search to find a way to actually be able to it. Everything on this list can be done from your phone or in a pinch, a laptop or tablet if you prefer a keyboard (one like this can be helpful).

How to earn extra money from your phone
How to earn extra money from your phone

If you are anything like I was 5 years ago, I would be up late at night searching for ways to earn extra money from home.

I had two little girls at home and the last thing I wanted to do was put them in daycare… but was it even possible to earn extra money without getting a job… could I earn an income online from my phone? read more

4 Types of Video you should Make for Building Your Business Online

It is no secret that video is the fastest way to grow your business online.

It is the easiest way for your followers to get to know you, trust you, and eventually buy from you.

So what types of videos should you even be doing?

4 Types of Videos You Should Make for Your Online Business

Demo Videos

If you have a product or service that can be demo’ed… then you should be creating demo videos. Read more about how I edit my videos here.

When people can see HOW you use your products… what problem is solves for them… they will be WAY more likely to reach out and find out more about it. read more

How to Create 10 Pieces of Content from One Video

Why should you repurpose your videos?

How to work from home
How to work from home

Saves Time

Repurposing your content not only helps you be more productive, but also saves you time!

When you can create one long piece of content and create multiple versions, you end up with endless post ideas and video clips that you can share almost anywhere to help drive engagement, views, sales.

Be Everywhere

When you repurpose your content, you can be on multiple platforms without too much extra stress.

Pick one “hub” and let the rest be secondary places to share your content and videos.

Facebook is a very popular “hub” as well as Youtube or Instagram. Just pick one and the other platforms also get to be places to share content that points back to your main hub for engagement. read more