It’s Sample Time Ya’ll!   

 I am PUMPED! This is seriously one of my fave things to do because I started using these products 6 years ago by starting with a SAMPLE!

You’ve been asking and I’ve been listening!

My Sample Packs are BACK (for a limited supply!)

You can try my favorite goodies with lots of love and delicious samples of what is working for me!

If you love it as much as I do, then I have an even bigger gift for you!



Pack Options:

6 Day Packs


 Skinny Mocha Weight Loss Coffee:

6 day supply of my delicious skinny coffee + my chocolate greens superfood. When you mix them together, you get a delicious fat burning & detoxing mocha – YUMMO!


 Glow Up Natural Beauty Pack:

6 day supply of my fave tropical berry crush vitamin water that improves sleep, reduces inflammation, and improves skin…pretty much a face-lift in a glass!


Super Berry Antioxidant Mix:

6 days of my detoxing berry green drink & my cherry antioxidant vitamin water that work together to alkalize, balance your pH, detoxify, fight stress naturally too!


Simple 5 Day Sugar Detox for Busy Moms
Simple 5 Day Sugar Detox for Busy Moms

Simple Sugar Detox Kit


  • Healthy Low Carb & Keto Recipes for 5 Days of Meal Planning 
  • Keto Grocery List
  • Customized Smart Phone App with workouts and encouragement every day
  • Healthy Cravings Swap Guide to crush cravings for GOOD!
  • 5 Days of Keto Coffee to Burn More Fat  
  • 5 Days of Lemon Lime Electrolytes to stay hydrated without the sugar
  • 5 Days of Greens for a natural Detox Drink


3 Day Packs


3 Days of Chocolate Greens

3 Days of Berry Greens Superfood Powder

3 Days of Reds Antioxidant and Natural Stress Relief Powder

3 Days of Keto Coffee

3 Days of Keto Energy

3 Days of Lemon Lime Hydrate Electrolyte Drink

3 Days of Tropical Fruit Collagen Beauty Drink


One Day Packs

1 Sip & Slim Detox Pack

1 Skin Tightening Body Wrap


These are first come, first serve & VERY limited supply!

For a Custom Pack, contact me and let me know what you are MOST interested in trying:

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