Top FOUR Items You MUST Pack on Your Summer Vacation

I can’t believe it is already July! We are planning a road trip at the end of this month to the beach and then to a cabin in the mountains… with packing always comes packing list (or maybe that’s just me!)

I’m going to share my MUST HAVE list for your summer vacation to help you stay healthy all summer long and have the best vacation ever : )


I don’t know about you, but there is something about travelling that brings out the STRESS…

The kids fighting in the back of the van… or the crazy drivers… or long lines in the airport. read more

How to earn extra money with It Works!

How to Earn Extra Money with It Works

Three years ago, I was looking for a way to help my family financially without having to leave my girls. My friend told me how she was earning a full time income at home by helping others get healthy and feel their best. I thought it was too good to be true, but I had to learn more because that was exactly what I wanted to do!

I learned how I could get paid three different ways with It Works and start earning some extra money on my own time. I had never done anything like this before, but I knew in my heart that I couldn’t let this opportunity pass. read more

10 Facts about Body Wraps

Almost two years ago, I tried my first Body Wrap and It was LOVE at first wrap. When I tried it, I could tell that this was going to quickly be one of my favorite products ever. In minutes I could feel my skin tingle and I knew it was working on my most stubborn area – my stomach!

Now, I have hundreds of customers and friends who share my love for wraps. I’m getting asked questions all the time about them, so I put together my listย that may answer some of your questions.

1. It’s NOT water-weight loss. There isn’t one single ingredient in our wrap that would cause water weight loss. read more