Top FOUR Items You MUST Pack on Your Summer Vacation

I can’t believe it is already July! We are planning a road trip at the end of this month to the beach and then to a cabin in the mountains… with packing always comes packing list (or maybe that’s just me!)

I’m going to share my MUST HAVE list for your summer vacation to help you stay healthy all summer long and have the best vacation ever : )


I don’t know about you, but there is something about travelling that brings out the STRESS…

The kids fighting in the back of the van… or the crazy drivers… or long lines in the airport. read more

How to Cheat on Your Diet without the Guilt

I don’t know about you, but I like to cheat sometimes (on my diet that is!)

I love Mexican food.

I love pizza and Chinese.

What if we could enjoy our favorite foods (in moderation of course!) and not have the guilt?

I think the best diet you can have accounts for a cheat meal. Our diets don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time – and I personally like to follow an 80/20 rule. There was a time when I tried to be 100% on my wholefood diet and that caused a lot of stress for me! I felt like I couldn’t hang out with my friends over dinner or go over to anyone’s house without stressing about what people were going to serve – and that just wasn’t what life was about. read more

7 Trim and Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s day treats for me represent Chocolate! A close second would be Cheesecake… and the ultimate treat would be chocolate drizzled on a cheesecake.

This Valentine’s Day don’t be tempted by sugar laden chocolate treats. 

There are plenty of options to enjoy when you are trying to eat like a Low-Carb lifestyle (Like Trim Healthy Mama or KetoEating carb conscious hasn’t looked more delicious! All these treats would be considered satisfying treats (or S desserts). You can enjoy these after a scrumptious satisfying meal like steak and cauliflower “faux” tatos. read more