Aidalyn’s Hong Kong Halter Dress

Aidalyn is always outgrowing her clothes way before I’m ready to go shopping, haha. I love dresses because they last the longest.

I’ve had an itch to sew something… something easy!

I pulled out all my fabric yesterday and saw all the pretty material I had ready to make into some summer dresses. I chose some Hong Kong inspired fabric that I bought on clearance 2 years ago. Adam and I went to Hong Kong with my sister’s family a few years ago, so it has special memories attached to it. IMG_0163 IMG_0164 read more

Sewing experiment – Non-pattern Halter Dress

This dress was a sewing experiment for sure!

I made this dress last night. I had a halter top shirt of Aidalyn’s that I like the idea of for a dress… but I was too cheap to buy a pattern. So I used my minimal sewing expertise and drafted a pattern from the shirt I already had. I measured Aidalyn so I knew what diameter I would need the dress to fit. I used my serger and regular sewing machine.

It honestly isn’t perfect, but for me just messing around on my sewing machine without a pattern, I think it turned out pretty good. read more