How We Quit Our Jobs and Now Work From Home

Network Marketing for Working Moms
Network Marketing for Working Moms

Why did a chemical engineer and a speech therapist get started in network marketing?

Angela – Looking back… I’m not really sure why I chose speech therapy as a career. I mean, I started because I really liked the idea of helping people. I liked the idea of having fun with kids and helping them communicate.

But it wasn’t something I was passionate about.

I was good at it… and I thought that if I was good at it, and it was a great job… then that’s all that mattered.


I really think the process of becoming a mom is one of the most impactful things that can happen to a women. read more

6 Myths About Network Marketing That Just Won’t Die!

The Truth About Network Marketing
The Truth About Network Marketing

No work-at-home business is more misunderstood and demonized than network marketing.


At it’s best, network marketing is seen as unimportant mommy-businesses or something strange uncle Bob does to find his fortune. At it’s worst, network marketing is perceived as being full of greedy snake oil salesmen and shysters.


But once you get past the old attitudes and misconceptions, network marketing is a viable way to start a part-time/full-time home-based business!


Myth 1: Network Marketing is an illegal pyramid.


Truth: In the illegal pyramid test, the shape of an organization does not determine legality. If it did, most businesses and organizations, including the government, would be illegal because all of them have a pyramid structure. read more

10 Ways to Do Personal Development Without Reading

If you are reading this, then I’m sure you are trying to make an improvement in some areas of your life…

Maybe it is your health… maybe it is your finances, maybe it is how you can make the most impact with your gifts.

“Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.”

―Brian Tracy

Most people will agree that reading is the most popular form of personal development…

You may have heard that “Readers are leaders.” read more