Breaking a sweat

I have been “exercising” my whole life. As a kid, it was playing on the playground. In middle school, it was playing tennis. In high school, it was running cross-country and track.

I enjoyed working out. It was a chance to get those endorphins going and feel great. As an adult, I’ve done Tae Bo, running on a treadmill, spin classes, body pump, climbing, repelling, yoga, and Pilates.

I feel like it is part of being healthy. I have recently modified my idea of what Exercise looks like. read more

WE are the church

As I have mentioned previously, I am a Christ follower. My husband and I are fairly active in our local church. Adam is the small groups director and plays in the band, I support him and organize workers in the coffee shop.

Our church is amazing. Water’s Edge (WE) is a place for hurting people. We launched in September 2007 meeting at a local movie theater. We were blessed to be able to build and start meeting at our new location in Feb 2011. We have grown from about 25 people meeting at a Raising Canes to 1200 and growing. We are currently having 3 separate services because we are unable to fit in our building. This year for Easter we are going to be renting out the arena at the Civic center, just so we can all meet together. read more

Hungry for Change Review

I just watched the documentary “Hungry for Change.”

You can view it here.

I thought it was a great demonstration of trying to explain the situation we are in and a solution to the problem.

Basically their charge is to eat real food.

Some quotes from the documentary I found interesting:

‘As Mammals we are programmed to put on fat when there is plenty of food available.’ If you go to a supermarket, you know we are in a time when “food” is plenty. There are vending machines full of “food” and fast food at almost every corner. read more

Vitamins, Herbs, and Homeopathy… Oh my!

Drugs are everywhere – they are easy to get… they work! Why choose not to use them?

Various pills

Various pills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Drugs are synthetic. They are made in a laboratory. When you take them, your body reacts to produce a certain response – but they come with consequences.

You have a runny nose, so you decided to take an antihistamine. It dries up your runny nose, but it also makes you sleepy, gives you a headache, upsets your stomach, give you hypertension…. Hummmm and we were treating a runny nose? read more