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$7: How to Control Gestational Diabetes Naturally

 How to Control Gestational Diabetes Naturally2


 Table of Contents

Page 4 Introductions to Gestational Diabetes

Page 8 The Plan

Page 16 Typical Food Diary

Page 18 Breakfasts

Page 20 Snacks

Page 25 Main Dishes

Page 39 Desserts


$7: How to Sway for a Girl

How to sway for a girl, sway tips, conceive, pregnancy,



Table of Contents

Page 3 Copyright and Disclaimer

Page 4 What is Gender Swaying?

Page 4 Why I swayed for a girl

Page 6 Two Successful Sways

Page 7 Two Sways Outlined

Page 9 How to Sway for a Girl Tips

Page 17 What to Eat

Page 22 Additional Sway Attempts

Page 29 Tips for Charting your Cycle

Page 30 Acknowledgements

Page 31 Abbreviations

Page 32 Resources



$7 How to Prepare for Natural Childbirth

How to Prepare for Natural Childbirth
How to Prepare for Natural Childbirth

Is Home Birthing right for me?

This Premium E-book focusing on answering common questions on natural birth practices as well as home birthing as an alternative. 


– Prepare your body and mind for natural childbirth

– Find the best support team

– Understand benefits and misconceptions of natural childbirth

– Discover if a Home Birth is right for you

Plus: Checklists, Exercises, & Best Practices!

 $7: How To Build a Business Without Bugging Your Friends


+ Build a Business without Home Parties, Spamming your profiles, or Annoying your Friends

+ Leverage your Time and Money

+ Find Customers through Free and Paid For Options

+ Be Successful Even as an Introvert

Plus Examples, Scripts & Access to awesome resources!

We have distilled over 3 years of experience to share with you in this easy to understand format.

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