5 Tips for Indoor Container Gardening

Have you thought about easy ways to start growing you own food or herbs. Enter in tips to start container gardening! It is an easy way to get started without too much worry of weeds and critters eating your bounty.

Here are five great tips for indoor container gardening:

  • Have proper drainage – It’s very important that you have nice, big holes in your pots for proper drainage. If not, the soil will not drain well and the roots of your plants will die.
  • Feed them properly – Most potting soil itself does not have nutrients in it. You will need to add fertilizer and food to your plants regularly. How much and what type you should use varies according to the plant so do a little research on the plants you have so you can care for them properly.
  • Know how much light you need – You don’t want to leave plants that prefer low light in the windowsill while you’re gone all day for work but you don’t want to kill plants by keeping them in the dark too much. You need to have an accurate idea of how much sunlight you need and then choose where to place your containers accordingly. Many people move their containers around according to light needs.
  • Choose good partners in mixed container gardens – If you’re going to put different plants together in the same container, make sure they have complementary needs for food, sunlight, and water or some will thrive and some will die.
  • Go wild with the soil – The more potting soil you have, the better. This means more water retention, giving you a greater margin for error when it comes to watering and feeding. The less soil, the faster it will dry out.

With these tips in mind, you can begin indoor container gardening today. Do you have any tips you’d add to the list?

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