Best Way to Keep Basil Fresh

Best Way to Keep Basil Fresh.

I never knew this! And what a beautiful table display too.

I have a little potted herb garden from my aunt (that my father in law baby sat for me for almost 2 months, but I digress) that has all sorts of herbs in it, including basil.

I will have to try this out for sure. Thanks Fall Line Farms!

Happy 40-something Steve!

Happy Birthday Steve!

We had such a great time with our dear friends Steve and Tamsy last week. They invited us over for dinner to celebrate Steve’s Birthday. Besides a wonderful meal, Steve has just planted his garden for the summer and I had to show you all.

Steve grilled chicken, steak, squash and zucchini – plus deer meat in a skillet. Becca, Steve and Tamsy’s daughter, made homemade smashed potatoes and biscuits. I made a huge salad and roasted asparagus. read more