How to Launch Your Home Based Business

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How to Launch Your Home Based Business

“How did you do it?”

One of the biggest life transitions I’ve ever gone through was deciding to be a stay at home mom (deciding not to go back to my full time speech therapy job) and starting my home based business which has radically, unexpectedly grown into waayyyy more than I could’ve imagined or planned for.

Did I have a plan?

Well, kind of, but it was not very well planned out! I just was focused on the short term goal of earning back my initial investment and earning a $10,000 bonus… read more

How to Start Making Money With It Works

 5 years ago, I took a leap of faith and tried something NEW – totally out of my comfort zone!!

Guys  I’m a total introvert and honestly never ever saw myself doing anything like this… but I had a burning desire to be able to give back more than we had ever given before.

We tried to cut our budget, but there was just no more room to cut (so we cut our upcoming trip to Disney and a new van for me)

I didn’t like having to say “no” to my kids… I just knew there was something more I could do. So… I started a business for $99.  read more