How to Wrap Yourself at Home

Did you know you could do this at home?

I didn’t know how easy it was to use a body wrap at my home to tighten, tone and firm your skin at home!

I tried my first wrap after my second baby was born and I was looking for something to tighten my skin back up. I used an It Works Body Wrap and saw amazing results in 45 minutes with even better results the next day! I was so excited I had to call and tell my sister. After I started telling all of my friends about my results, they wanted to try these wraps too. We all fell in love! read more

90 Day Challenge to Jump Start the New Year!

It is almost New Years!! A time when everyone starts looking at their belt buckle and wallets. Both are stretched!

Did you know that there is a way to help with both problems?ย 

I have a 90 Day challenge for you!ย 

Our plan works to Detox using wholefoods and probiotics the first month. Click to learn more about Greens


The second month, you work on losing some weight with our natural and gluten free weight loss wholefood supplements.ย 

garcinia cambogia

The third month, you target any trouble zones to tighten and tone with our all natural body contouring wraps.ย Click to Learn more aboutย the ultimate body applicatorย  read more

What is a Body Wrap?

Maybe you have heard of Body Wraps before at a spa… maybe you have even tried one.ย 

If you haven’t tried an It Works Ultimate Body Applicator before, you are missing out!

Before I tried the It Works wrap, I had tried a seaweed wrap at a spa. My sister even did a slimming wrap at a spa where she had to workout on an elliptical machine for 30 minutes!! Both of these were full body wraps that were dehydrating with results that didn’t last.

When I first saw these new wraps,ย I had a friend share on facebook that she had used an It Works wrap and that it worked for her. I was so intrigued, I had to try it myself!ย  read more

How to get 8 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables

How to eat all the fruits and vegetables you need
How to eat all the fruits and vegetables you need

I would consider myself a very healthy person…

For the most part – I do try to stick to that 80/20 rule of eating healthy. (Except on vacations, haha!)


As much as I tried to eat a salad every day, and trying new vegetables as side dishes each night…

I just knew I wasn’t getting everything in that I needed.


and I felt it too…


What about super foods?

We all know we should be eating them everyday, we know how important they are (do antioxidants ring a bell?)… but how many of us eatย 52 herbs and superfoods each day?ย  read more