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I get lots of questions about blogging from readers and friends. So I thought I would highlight some of the services I’m using to blog and help me make Grassfed Mama happen.

1) WordPress

I love using WordPress. I find it pretty easy to use with plug ins. I needed a little help initially figuring out how to write and publish posts. Adam, my husband, got me started with using WordPress. I was using the WordPress.com free site initially. Adam was able to transfer everything over to this self hosted version as we grew.

2) Bluehost

Bluehost is a great hosting company. I haven’t had any issues with service with them. We have 3 blogs that they host for one fee. My site has only gone down once and it was back up and running in about 2 hours (everyone went down on New Years Eve).

3) Affiliates

You can look at more of my affiliates on My Books

Amazon – I use Amazon for most of my personal online shopping, so it made perfect sense to use them as an affiliate for my blog.

Shareasale – this is a great way to find merchants who are wanting to work with bloggers to help bring their product to another market. They include merchants like GoDaddy, Gymboree, Jack and Jane, Zulily, and Craftsy.

4) Your PC Magician

Your PC Magician has done the webdesign for Grassfed Mama and really helped me out (because I have no idea about code). Tell Josh I sent you his way : )

5) Sverve

Sverve is a great way to apply for campaigns to get free products to review. There are also lots of blogger on there to network with and endorse. I was able to get this Ubooly for free to review. 

6) Pinwoot

If you are just getting started and want to find a group of follower quickly, you can use Pinwoot.com. You can also stop as soon as you have a good amount of pinterest followers to get re-pinned. One thing I like about Pinwoot is that you can schedule up to 60 pins a month for free. This way your pins can be pinned during the peak hours even when you are not able to be on Pinterest yourself. I also like that there is an easy Pin Scheduler button you can place in your toolbar. You can easily schedule pins from all over the web.

I like using it to get more repins more than gain more followers.

7) Ahalogy

Ahalogy is another free tool I use to schedule pins on Pinterest. I’m still learning how to use it to the fullest, but it is a great tool.

I like that you can repin some of the most popular pins to your boards to help you get noticed and gain more followers.

8) Google Adsense

I make the majority of my income right now from Google Adsense. It is fairly easy to set up on your blog. I like using a plug in called Header and Footer to insert code at the top and bottom of my posts.

I like it because it is easy to get started and fairly easy income (I don’t think most bigger bloggers use it because it doesn’t pay as well as some other ads).

Full Disclosure: I stopped using Google Adsense after having a bad experience with getting paid for my traffic! This post explains more about why I stopped using advertising for Blogging.

9) Photography

I use a Canon EOS 60D with a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens to take my pictures. Plus I use this Close-Up Macro Filter Set . Also you’d be surprised how good of a photo you can get with an iPhone photo nowadays with the right settings!

 10) Social Spark

Social Spark is a way to get connected to merchants to do reviews and try out free products.


Do you Blog? What are your tips for blogging?

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