Healthy Keto Iced Mocha Frappe

This healthy keto icedmocha frappe recipe is sure to curb your cravings without all the extra carbs and sugar of a regular frappe.

ditch your sugar cravings
ditch your sugar cravings

It’s summer in the south and that means it’s HOT!

Hot weather makes me want a cool treat, but since most of them are LOADED with sugar and other unhealthy options, I try to get creative.

For example, what I used to get in the past from Starbucks has 36 to 50 Grams of sugar (depending on size). Yikes!


So here’s a simple homemade frozen mocha that I love! And you end up with only about 3 Grams of Sugar per serving! Not to mention this home option saves you money as well! read more

Story of a Stay at Home Mom

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Story of a Stay at Home Mom

If a mom pours a cup of coffee,
Then the toddler will ask for eggs.
You make her eggs and cheese, but then she decides she would rather have oatmeal and pineapple.

You decide to not fight about it because eggs sound good to you… With your coffee – that is cold now. So you put it in the microwave.

Just as you sit down with your eggs and coffee, the baby wakes up and needs to be changed and fed.

You run upstairs, change baby, come back downstairs and sit to nurse. Feeling hungry and thirsty now because nursing does that…

You put the baby in Exersaucer, put on PBS for toddler.

Sigh. Your coffee is cold. Put it back in microwave along with eggs.

Sit down with hot coffee and eggs. Eat one bite.

Toddler wants her snack… You fix an almond butter sandwich… Licking your fingers for a taste of food.

Toddler wants to play a game. ‘Let’s play tea party.’ Where she will pour you a cup of imaginary… Coffee.

It’s all in how you start

coffee mornings day

I was thinking… The start of your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day.

If you start your day eating something healthy, then you are more likely to continue through lunch and dinner.

I thought I would share my start of this Monday morning. (Not perfect by all means)

I nurse the littlest one at 1:30 am, 4:00 am, and 6:30 am.

The big kid woke up at 7:30 am, knocking on her door – this is actually pretty early for her!

I change the littlest one’s diaper and clothes (because her cloth diaper leaked a little – should have put on a night time diaper before bed… Doh!)

Put in my contacts, so I can see what I’m actually doing and head downstairs.

Brew a cup of regular coffee in my Kuerig – my only one for the day. I put in stevia, bentonite clay, and almond milk.

Little one gets fussy – because she is tired, so I nurse her again and put her in the swing for a nap.

Big kid is asking to watch Ariel, so I put on a movie for her while I get breakfast going. You have to cheat somewhere!

I cook a 3 egg omelet in my “OrGreenic” pan in some coconut oil, a little cheese, salt and pepper.

Big kid asks for tomatoes for breakfast, so I fix her plate with some grape tomatoes, sliced cheese, and 1/2 a banana.

I give her some Green Pastures chocolate cream cod liver oil blend and her Animal Parade vitamins.

I take Green Pastures cod liver oil blend in a capsule and my Perfect Prenatal.

Finally, 8:00 am breakfast is ready for me! I get to sit down – but now Big kid wants to watch Barbie – so change the Roku to Barbie and eat my yummy tummy eggs and finish my coffee.

Next is my 10 minute workout.

What do your mornings look like?20130729-083329.jpg